Conditions of Participation

Conditions of Participation 

  1. Eligibility
    Eligible to participate are - unless otherwise described in the respective competition - natural persons who are at least 18 years old.
    Employees of the organization and of cooperation partners who are or were involved in the creation or execution of the giveaway are excluded. Multiple entries as well as participation via an automated procedure are not permitted.

  2. Details of the competition
    The exact period of participation, the type of participation and winning conditions as well as, if applicable, the details of the prize are described in detail in the respective competition post. Participation is only possible during the specified period.

  3. Prize processing
    The prize will either be sent to the postal address provided by the participant or the winner will be informed at the end of the competition about the prize, the prize processing and any necessary next steps (e.g. sending the full postal address or returning any documents).
    If a participant can´t be reached or does not follow the next steps within the time communicated to him/her, the organizer may determine a new winner. The claim of the original winner will be cancelled.

  4. Prize
    The prize item may differ from the item won (e.g. in terms of model, color, etc.).
    A cash payment of the prize or its transfer to other persons is not possible. The claim of the original winner will be forfeited if the transfer of the prize does not take place within one month after the first notification for reasons within the winner's sphere.

  5. Availability and function of the competition
    The availability and function of the competition cannot be guaranteed.
    It may be terminated or removed due to external circumstances or constraints without giving rise to any claims by participants against the organizer. This includes, but is not limited to technical problems, rule changes or decisions by platforms.

  6. Other legal information
    The organizer has the right to exclude persons from the competition.
    In particular, persons who use unauthorized aids or otherwise obtain advantages through manipulation will be excluded. The organizer is free to make its own assessment. Should individual rules in these conditions of participation be invalid, this invalidity shall not affect the validity of the remaining conditions of participation. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies. The judges' decision is final.
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